The origins of knitting

Well, I meant the origins of me knitting ^_^ . It all really started 3 years ago with a Bergère de France subscription to receive on a weekly basis a magazine and some yarn to complete a master project: a knitted and crocheted patchwork blanket and matching pillow covers.

Each issue came with 2 skeins of yarn included. The magazines featured explanations to realize 1 or 2 knitted or crocheted squares (20cm x 20cm each square) for the master project or for another small project (one was a crocheted teddy bear for example). This was such a delight to receive in the mail every week! Price was not cheap : 5,99€ per issue but I really enjoyed receiving by post : material to get started (knitting needles, crochet hooks, yarn), step by step instructions for each square and even some goodies like the project bag and the measure tape.

Thanks to this project, I learnt the basics knitting and crocheting techniques and had the opportunity to work with different types of yarn (all from Bergère de France brand, of course!). This was a great kick off in knitting and crocheting for the very beginner that I was by then and it is the very first finished object hand-knitted and crocheted by me.

This was past, next post will take you into my present with the actual works in progress and projects that I would like to share with you!

72 squares, 80ish skeins of yarn, 9 months of knitting and crocheting
72 squares, 80ish skeins of yarn, 9 months of knitting and crocheting

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