Hand-knitted socks

If you haven’t treated yourself yet with a pair of hand-knitted socks, I strongly advise you to give it a try! These are the hand-knitted garments I enjoy wearing the most because they feel so much nicer than the socks you buy in the department stores. They are warm, squishy, beautiful, original and customized as you wish!

I recently purchased 2 skeins of Koigu KPPPM in the color 269 (light beige to dark grey), so far, Koigu is my go-to yarn for knitting socks. I bought them at the Espace tricot store in Montreal. The assortment is absolutely “stupendous” in terms of quality and choice of yarn.
The socks are currently on the needle and this time, I am using the Sock of Kindness pattern by Chawne (free on Ravelry) with a contrasting cuff, heel and toe. The colour variations are so nice and subtle, I can’t wait to have them in my proudly hand-knitted sock drawer ^_^ !

Socks of Kindness


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