Big Bad Shawl off the needles!

My first shawl is finally off the needles and blocked 🙂

I am really happy with the final result after blocking, especially with the picot edge which gives the shawl a “professional” finishing touch. This project was a nice and easy introduction to knitting shawls thanks to the stockinette and garter stitches on the main parts.

Just having the eyelet stitches in the center and on the borders made the pattern simple to memorize and to follow without having to read the instructions all the time. As a shawl knitting beginner, I liked the way the designer (softsweater on Ravelry) explained the mysterious construction of a triangular shawl which can be not that easy to visualize if you are not familiar with this particular construction.  Well here I am now, wanting more shawls on the needles, I think I found my new addiction !!!

FO Shawl #1


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