Book review : Ma poupée au Crochet by Isabelle Kessedjian

Hi Everyone! Today, I would like to present you one of my favorite craft books. It is called “Ma poupée au Crochet” by author Isabelle Kessedjian (I bought the French version, however the English version “My Crochet Doll” is available). Basically, in this book, you will find written instructions to create customized dolls, 45 accessories including 10 complete outfits and a suitcase (which will be used both as a bed for the dolls and as a wardrobe!).

The photos in this book are both cute and inspiring and the three different themes are beautifully illustrated : Bed time, Holidays and Disguise.

Ma poupee au crochet cover        Ma poupee au crochet back cover

Instructions are really easy to follow to make your own doll. There is a lot to play with as you can choose the skin color, hair color and texture, eyes style and color.
What’s really nice, once you are familiar with the construction of the garments, is that you can go forward and crochet your own customized garments based on the patterns featured in the book. Both my daughters have their own doll. They got to pick the yarn for the body, for the hair, the color of the eyes and of course the garments and as a bonus I crocheted little friends for their dolls ^_^

This was a really fun project for the three of us, a great mother/daughter activity!

FO Crochet Dolls



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