Stash enhancement : Cosmic Yarn

Hi Everyone! I would like to share with you my recent acquisition of one of the most stunning yarn color I have ever seen. I needed to have it the moment I saw it, and here it is !!!! To me, this yarn looks like the Cosmos made into a skein of yarn.


Name of the colorway is Andromeda and the brand is Baerenwolle by Vicky. I purchased 2 skeins in the Baerfoot Sock base. It is 80% Merino extrafine and 20% Polyamide. Each skein is 400m (437 yds) for 100g.

Andromeda #1Andromeda #2

Now I just need to find THE project to take the best of this yarn. I think it would like to become a shawl…maybe with some beads to mimic the stars? Would that be too much? I don’t know…Anyway, I can’t wait to cast this on !!!!

While speaking about Cosmos and Andromeda, I can’t help thinking about the Saint Seya cartoon. How funny 🙂 ? Here is a bonus picture for those of you who might have followed their adventures as well when they were kids 😉

Saint Seya


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