Finished Object : Socks of Kindness

This week, I finished my Socks of Kindness 🙂

Knitting the second sock was surprisingly much faster than knitting the first one since I had memorized the lace motif repeats, so no need to look at the pattern again 🙂 This kind of simple lace motif for socks is definitely something I would like to try again for 2 reasons.

First, full stockinette stitch sock can sometimes become boring to knit and a textured motif gives some extra interest to the pattern to keep motivation going till the end of the second sock. Second reason is that a motif helps you keep track of rows counting so you exactly know where you are in your pattern. For example, for these socks I knew that I had to knit 7,5 repeats of the motif before I start the heel flap and 5,5 repeats before I start the toe. No measuring, no row counting, really easy to keep track of. I am really happy with the fitting of this pair of socks and with the visual effect of the lace.

Socks of Kindness #2            Socks of Kindness

Here is a recap of the characteristics of these socks:

  • Yarn : Koigu KPPPM color 269 / Katia yarn from stash (for cuff, heel, toe)
  • Needles : 2.5 mm circular needles
  • Cast on : 60 stitches
  • Cuff : 2/2 rib stitch
  • Leg and foot : Lace motif as per Socks of Kindness pattern on the front, stockinette on the back.
  • Heel : Dutch Heel
  • Classic toe

Socks of Kindness #3

Happy knitting!


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