Finished Object : Mini Rainbow Sweater

I finished a sweater in 2 days!!! Yes, 2 days!!! …OK, this was just a mini sweater for my daughter’s favorite cuddly toy 🙂

During my latest trip to France, I bought 3 balls of a yarn with rainbow-colored speckles on a white background. I thought it would be perfect for kids’ socks or for a fun small project. Composition is 100% polyacryl.

Rainbow yarn #1

I decided to use crochet for this sweater for 2 reasons:

  • Crochet makes it really easy to see how the garment fit right away
  • Crochet is fast and allows you to get a project done in no time

So, I started from the bottom and went up in the round with a 3mm crochet. When I reached the underarm, I stopped crocheting in the round and I went forward crocheting the upper front part of the sweater until it reached the neck.

Then, I picked up the stitches at the back of the garment in order to crochet the upper back part of the sweater by adding 2 identical panels. I left an opening in the middle so the bear can slip into the garment without much difficulty. I added a button and a loop to close the back. Last step was adding the sleeves by picking up the stitches on the additional front and back panels and crocheting a few rows in the round until desired length.

Rainbow sweater #1

Rainbow sweater #2

The project was fun and my daughter was so happy that she now wants a whole wardrobe! This is something I will definitely be working on in the future since creating small items is a good way to have a break from my long or intricate projects 🙂 …Yes, Campside Shawl, I am talking about you…


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