Finished Object : Rainbow Socks

Yesterday, I finished my second Rainbow sock! This is the first pair of socks I knit for my 6 years old daughter and she is thrilled! When you knit something for people you love, the greatest thing is to know that they will actually enjoy wearing it as much as you enjoyed knitting it for them 🙂

Rainbow socks FO#3

As time goes by, knitting socks gets easier and I feel much more comfortable with the heels (heel flap and turn) and toes (wedge toe). My next goal in sock knitting  is to explore different constructions and methods like the Short-Row Heel or the Round Toe. I would like to try knitting a pair Toe-Up as well.

Here is a recap of the characteristics of these socks:

  • Yarn : Gründl Lisa Print Color 62 (for leg and foot) / Bergère de France yarn from stash (for heel and toe)
  • Needles : 3 mm circular needles / 2,5 mm circular needles for toes
  • Cast on : 50 stitches
  • Cuff : 3/2 rib stitch
  • Leg and foot : Stockinette
  • Heel : Dutch Heel
  • Classic toe

Rainbow socks FO#4 Rainbow socks FO#2 Rainbow socks FO#1

See you soon and keep on knitting !


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