Stash enhancement : Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Shelridge Yarns

Hello! I recently paid a visit to a lovely yarn shop located in Montréal. Store is called La Maison Tricotée and it is both a tea house and a yarn shop. Lots of yummy things!!!

maison tricotée

The choice of yarn is amazing, all the brands they feature are very high quality therefore a bit pricey. I found the welcome absolutely awesome and was offered a cup of delicious tea while I was having a look at all the beauties in the store. I had a project in mind, a sweater for my 6 years old, but I was hesitating on which yarn to choose and I received great advice from the owner, Celine, who is very knowledgeable about the yarn she has in her shop but also about the fibres in general.

Thanks to her, I discovered the interesting story of the Merino breed. This breed is not able to live in the wild as it needs to be shaved regularly because its hair never stops growing! Basically, without being shaved the sheep would suffer from heat stress, blindness, etc… then die. The quality of its yarn is exceptional but this does not mean the sheep has a good life as most of them have to suffer painful mulesing surgery to avoid flystrike. However, there is an alternative with Certified Organic Merino Wool which guarantees that the sheep has been well-treated and the wool production respects the environment. If you are interested, I found a detailed and clear explanation on the following website of Rosy Green Wool.

Finally, I got myself a ball of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Gaea Sport which is a 100% certified organic 21.5 microns Merino Wool. It is hand painted in a colorway especially dyed for the store for their two years anniversary and it is called Terrible Twos. All the colors in the yarn (blue, burnt orange, brown and grey) are the colors of the front door and window of the shop which is pretty cool! The ball is quite generous with 226g (8oz) and 512m (560yrds). I was not sure this would be enough for the sweater so, as a complement, I bought a ball of Shelridge Yarns Worsted Weight 100% Merino in Peacock. I think this will go on the cuffs, bottom and collar of the sweater. I also took a refill of Eucalan delicate wash Lavender Scent, my favorite 🙂

Blue Moon Terrible TwosBlue Moon Terrible Twos #2Shelridge Yarns Peacock

Happy Knitting ^_^


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