Work in Progress : Sock Yarn Sweater

What’s on my needles this week? Well…Something crazy…This winter, my goal is to have knitted a sweater or a cardigan for each member of the family. I decided to knit myself a short-sleeved sweater in the delicious Baerenwolle sock yarn (see previous post). The Andromeda color is just stunning and I wanted to make something special with it. For the construction of the sweater, I decided to go Top Down in stockinette stitch. I will use a different yarn for the collar, the bottom and the borders of the sleeves : Vanna’s Glamour in the Onyx color (black with sparkles). Oh by the way…no, I am not using any pattern and made my own calculation…I guess I will discover sooner than later whether I am a good mathematician or not!

Custom Short Sleeves Sweater #3My needles for this project are Chiaogoo Red Lace Circular 3mm (US 2.5). This is the first time I use them and the stainless steel feels really great in the hand while the pointed tips allow to knit quite smoothly.

I like so much the way the color is knitting up, it reminds me the impressionist paintings 🙂

Custom Short Sleeves Sweater #1

Happy knitting ^_^


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