Works in Progress : Traverse Cardigan and Sock Yarn Sweater

Hey there! Here is an update on the two main projects that are currently on my needles.

First WIP is the Traverse Cardigan and it is knitting up slowly but surely. So far, I used 2 skeins and I have about 9 left to complete this project, so roughly a 20% done. The Berroco Vintage is great and knitting up smoothly. I am knitting the body bottom up with a 2×2 ribbing at the bottom and stockinette for the body. Simple stockinette is sometimes boring but when I feel this way, I keep myself motivated by thinking I want this to be done for January so my husband can wear it when the weather starts getting cold.Traverse #5Second WIP is my Sock Yarn Sweater which is coming up nicely. I separated the sleeves and body and started the decreases for the waist. This Baerenwolle yarn is so gorgeous that it is really pleasing to pick up that project and see the colors changing every few stitches!

Custom Short Sleeves Sweater #4Happy knitting and see you soon ^_^


6 thoughts on “Works in Progress : Traverse Cardigan and Sock Yarn Sweater

    1. Thank you! Well, for my husband’s sweater, I asked him either he would like colorwork or cables and he was not really enthusiastic about it so we decided to keep it simple 😉 However, I am looking for a small or medium project to try colorwork too but I haven’t decided yet on the project I would like to cast on to make it happen. I was thinking maybe a hat could be nice for a beginner like the Bubbly Sheep, I find it super cute!


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