Knitting WIP and Cross Stitching Update


Here is an update on my knitting WIPS and cross stitch progress. I finally got back some knitting Mojo and had some significant progress done on my Traverse Cardigan. I have now completed the two sleeves and joined them to the body. At that point, about half the raglan shaping is done. This piece feels like gianormous and it is quite heavy on the cable of my circular needles. It was supposed to be a winter piece for my husband but I was being a bit too optimistic and also got distracted by my new love for cross stitching…


As far as cross stitch is concerned, I have completed my April block from Clouds factory stitch along ”Postcards from the World”. The new postcard represents Moscow. I love the colors and the designs of the buildings! This was the busiest block so far, about three quarters of the area of the postcard is covered in stitches, and it is also my favorite. I can’t wait to see which country we will be visiting in May!


Happy crafting and see you soon ^_^


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