Mid-April 16 : Knitting and Cross stitch WIPs


April knitting and cross stitching is going strong! I made good progress on my Traverse Cardigan and I am now ready to ”attack” the shawl collar. This makes me a little nervous since I know there are some short rows on the back of the neck and I only used this technique on socks so far, however the explanations from the pattern seem pretty clear so it should be OK. I can’t wait to see how the cardigan will fit. To tell you the truth, I have some doubt right now and I am afraid that it might be too baggy. I am thinking this is something I might be able arrange a bit by making the shawl collar less large, we’ll see… As some people like to say, I am more a process knitter than a finished product one, nevertheless, I already spent so much time on this piece and am planning to spend a lot more to finish it that I am truly hoping it will be wearable. PSX_20160417_210527

For my cross stitch adventure, this month, I picked a new project : Stardust Fairy by Joan Elliot. This is a free chart available on DMC USA website. It calls for Charles Craft 14 count Silver Stardust Aida however I chose to work on a different fabric for 2 reasons. The recommended fabric is not available in a size that would allow enough margin on the borders to have it framed or fully finished as I would like to. Secondly, the chart has some half stitches which are not easy to realize on 14 count fabric. So, I bought a 28 count Evenweave, a basic MCG textiles piece of fabric available at Michael’s, in the Antique White color.

For this new start, I tried gridding my fabric because I noticed I got confused easily with my stitch count even on small projects and I had to frog a lot of stitches. I followed the instructions given on Jennifer Apodaca’s Flosstube podcast on this subject (video here). I highly recommend to have a look at it if you are interested. Even if it took me some time to get it right, I am so happy I did it. I just skipped the horizontal lines as the vertical ones provided enough points of reference. Pattern is much more easier to follow with a grid and you can pick up the projet anywhere with this method. Just amazing, I love it and will grid all my future projects! No more frogging, yeah!!!

Here is a picture of what the finished project will look like and a picture of my progress.

PSX_20160417_205625      PSX_20160417_210343

Bye and keep on crafting ^_^


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