May 16 : Knitting progress, Cross stitch WIPs and FFO

Hi Everyone!

End of April and beginning of May have been quite busy so far. I managed to share my night-craft-time between my knitting and cross stitching so there is some satisfying progress on both 🙂


I am still working on my Traverse Cardigan and I have the back part of the shawl collar done…with short rows! With the help of some YouTube videos, I think I finally got the concept of wrap and turn… Unfortunately, on the pattern, there is no picture of how this part of the garment is supposed to look like, so I can only hope that I made it right. Next and last technical challenge for me on this piece will be the Button Hole Row. If all goes well, I will be happy to have this piece as a June FO.

Traverse Cardigan – May 7th, 2016
Traverse Cardigan – April 17th, 2016


I have my first FFO ever!!!! I framed my Avengers Assemble FO with a frame I got at Michael’s on sale. First, I washed the piece of fabric with Eucalan soap. Once dried, I ironed it without steam to get rid of the hoop marks. Then I used a piece of foam fabric bought at Dollarama to stretch the piece with the lacing method. The YouTube video from Bothy Threads on this topic was particularly helpful (link here).

Avengers, assemble! by Pixels in Stitches

Otherwise, I stitched on Stardust Fairy and those colors in the hair of the Fairy are just gorgeous! This one is a project I have a hard time to leave once I get started…one more stitch, just one more stitch…I also discovered that the reputation of DMC metallic threads was true, so horrible to work with, it splits, breaks, doesn’t slide smoothly through the holes…Well, for next time, I will experiment either Kreinik or Petite Treasure Bread for sure. When I got to the face of the Fairy, I decided to join the madness and do it one over one. It is a lot more work and it is much harder on the eyes but the result is so worth it! If you are hesitating to do one over one stitches for the skin there is a great video from Evergreen Needle showing the difference between the 2 methods (link here) so you can choose what you like best.

Here is a picture of my progress compared to last time :

Stardust Fairy – May 7th, 2016
Stardust Fairy – April 17th, 2016

For the rest of the month, I will keep on knitting on my Cardigan then I will stitch on clue #5 from Postcards from the World by Clouds Factory and I shall also have a new start from…(drum rolls)…Nora Corbett!!! So exciting!

Happy crafting ^_^


4 thoughts on “May 16 : Knitting progress, Cross stitch WIPs and FFO

    1. Do you frame them yourself or have them framed professionally? Haven’t go the chance yet to go and see Civil War but it is definitely in my plan for the very near future 🙂 Love my super heroes!!!


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