Mid-May 16 : Cross stitch WIP and Book Review


Today is May 16th and it snowed this morning…#@&%$$!!! How crazy is that? The transition from Winter to Spring is always a bit disturbing when the weather is playing ”yo-yo” with the temperatures, one day at 21 degrees and the next one at close to 0…

I have some cross stitch progress to share, a lovely book to show and a new essential in my cross stitch notions pouch.



Clue #5 of Postcards from the World by Clouds Factory was released on May 1st, and the city of the month is New Delhi, India. The design is very cute and my favorite section is the big palace in the middle of the image. I still have plenty of time to finish Clue #5 before the end of the month, however, I would like to have it finished early so I know I am ready to work on the next clue as soon as it is released on the 1st of the next month.

Postcards from the World – May, New Delhi, India

Lovely book

I just got my first cross stitch book (ordered on line). The title is Magical Cross Stitch and it is a collection of great fantasy designs from various designers. I would stitch almost all of them, the quality of the designs makes this book really worth the money as the price for individual patterns would be much more expensive than the price of the book.

Here is my Top  3 :


The Phoenix Rising (also on the cover) : Amazing colors and a beautiful representation of this mythological bird reborn from his ashes.


The Goddess, the Fairy and the Sorceress by Claire Crompton – Love the characters and the colors, I would like to stitch the 3 of them and display them as a triptych.


Sleeping Beauty by Joann Elliott – Just because she is adorable!


During my last visit to the needlework shop, I bought some Thread Heaven (floss wax) to try it out of curiosity since I saw it repeatedly on blogs and podcasts… and OMG!!! What a difference it makes! The stitching is so smooth, and since I started using it, I haven’t had any problem with knots on the back of my work. Just amazing! No more wasted time trying to fix the knots in my threads. Now, this is one of my basic tool. My stitching experience is even more enjoyable!!! I can’t recommend it enough if you haven’t tried it yet, especially if like me without it you are regularly fighting with some unwanted knots in your threads.


Bye and keep on crafting ^_^


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