July 16 : Cross stitch WIPs and My New Planner


Welcome to July update! June has been a very busy month at work for me, so there was not a lot of crafting activities going on lately, however I would like to share with you the two things I have been working on since my last WIPs’ update. There will also be a non-crafty related section in which I would like to present you my new planner which I am just obsessed with!



Postcards from the World – Clouds Factory

Clue #7 from this Stitch Along was released yesterday, July 1st, and this month, we are heading to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! A super cute design featuring the Sugarloaf Mountain, the Statue of Jesus Christ, Ipanema beach and a pretty Brazilian Carnival dancer. I worked on it yesterday only for a couple of hours and I am pleased with my progress 🙂

Postcards from the World – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – July 2nd, 2016


Gingerbread Cottage – Mill Hill (Winter Holiday Collection)

This Mill Hill kit is my latest start. The kit comes with beads, perforated paper, floss, needles, a magnet and a chart. When completed, it can be used as a magnet or as a Christmas ornament. Finished size is 3” wide X 2.5” high (7.6cm x 6,4cm). I was a bit afraid of working on perforated paper, but found that it was pretty sturdy and easy to stitch on since the holes are quite big. Very enjoyable project so far and I can see myself stitching more for home or as a gift for family or friends.

Gingerbread Cottage – Kit
Gingerbread Cottage – July 2nd, 2016


For a long time, I have been keeping all the information in regards to my planning in my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note II) : appointments, contacts, reminders, to do list,…. and recently I felt the need to go back to paper for a more visual way to keep track of everything and get more organized ! So, I got myself a new planner. I didn’t have any particular expectation or knowledge on the subject so I went to Staples and got the planner that looked both functional and pretty, the ARC planner in the A5 format. It is a disc bound planner and mine has a blue leather cover. The concept is that you can take off and put back any page very easily as you would do with a binder.

When I looked on line for a refill with 2016 weekly pages to add in my planner, I was amazed to find a lot of printable options to download for free or at a very reasonable cost on line. To be able to enjoy the freedom of making your very own planner, you will need a good printer and a desktop punch (available at Staples). Let me tell you I had a lot of fun finding the templates I wanted in my planner. Once I found them, I printed them on a good quality paper (2 sided), cut them and perforated them with the desktop punch. Last I added some dividers, bookmarks and a zip pouch! I just love it!!! Here are some pics :

ARC Planner Leather Cover – A5 format
ARC Planner – Inside Cover
ARC Planner – Weekly pages


Keep on crafting and Happy 4th of July to all American viewers ^_^


One thought on “July 16 : Cross stitch WIPs and My New Planner

  1. I love binders!!! They are so much fun. But I need to find one that is small enough to carry with me. I already have a heavy purse, I don’t need anything to make it heavier. So I use my phone, with reminders that ding me all the time. LOL!

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