October 16 : Everything Halloween!!!

So yes, this is October, Halloween month, and time to enjoy all the spooky things if you are into it! I want to work on all my Halloweeny projects and I am already blown away by my 1st week of stitchy suprises included in my Countdown to Halloween box by SitchyBox!


Halloween Subscription

Starting on October 1st, I started unwrapping my daily stitchy surprises from my Countdown to Halloween box by StitchyBox and I love it! Here is a recap of what I got so far (from October 1st to October 7th) :

Countdown to Halloween box
Countdown to Halloween goodies – Day 1 to Day 7

#1 A needle minder with a cool spider / #2 A limited edition of Gentle Arts floss  / #3 Quilt fabric with Pink and Purple Skull / #4 Purple Metallic Seed Beads (Toho) / #5 A mini tube of glue / #6 A cute 1ft ribbon with Singer sewing machines /#7 A piece of 28 count purple linen from Handyed by Stephanie


Postcards from the World – Clouds Factory

Clue #10 (New York, USA) is done! Cute little block and a quick stitch. I like the character holding his cup of coffee and the Statue of Liberty 🙂 Only 2 more months to go to complete  this 2016 Stitch along!

Postcards from the World – New York, USA – October 7th, 2016


Mysterious Halloween Town – The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

This is a piece I want to focus on. I would love to have it finished for Halloween! May this be my challenge for this month and let’s see how close I can get to a finish.

Mysterious Halloween Town – October 7th, 2016
Mysterious Halloween Town – August 31st, 2016


Luna – Nora Corbett

This is another perfect project for Halloween and it is going well! I got to work on some of the brighter colors like orange and purple which is a nice change from the black and green. Love this project!

Luna – October 7th, 2016
Luna – June 19th, 2016



The Traverse Cardigan

I finally finished Big Daddy’s cardigan!!!…I think I made some mistakes on the raglan sleeves and the short row construction of the collar, but apart from that, it went pretty well… Most important for me is that my husband already wore it several times and seems to really like it!!!


Here is a recap of the characteristics of this piece:

Happy Crafting ^_^


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