October 16 Part 4 : More than one finish!

Mysterious Halloween Town is done!!! Right in time before Halloween! This gave me a good amount of motivation to bring back an old WIP…that I finished as well!!! Today is the last day of the¬†Countdown to Halloween box by StitchyBox and I will surely miss it. I loved this concept of discovering throughout the month a great selection of new products and ideas to include in my stitching.

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October 16 : Everything Halloween!!!

So yes, this is October, Halloween month, and time to enjoy all the spooky things if you are into it! I want to work on all my Halloweeny projects and I am already blown away by my 1st week of stitchy suprises included in my Countdown to Halloween box by SitchyBox!

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March 2016 : Cross stitch FO and WIP

Happy Easter Everyone!

Good Bye Winter, Hello Spring! However, if all Winter were like the one we had this year in Montreal, I wouldn’t mind Winter at all anymore!

Here is a quick review of March.Cross stitch bug got me all March long as I have been stitching almost every day this month maybe allocating a bit too much sleeping time to stitching… At the same time, I have been watching a bunch of Floss Tube videos in order to discover the world of cross stitching : terminology, fabrics, threads, beads, tools, designers, technics, patterns…I am loving this so much! Fun fact: when I started stitching at the beginning of the year, I thought this was gonna be a not expensive hobby, but… let me tell you…no, I was wrong! Pretty fabrics, flosses, beads and patterns have a price which totally makes sense but definitely not what one would think in the first place.

With so much stitching, no surprise, I have a Finished Object : ”Avengers Assemble!” by¬†Pixels in stitches. Those Marvel characters are really cute and I am planning to frame this project next month to hang in our TV room.


Of course, as soon as I had finished, I had to start another project. I chose Clouds factory stitch along ”Postcards from the World”. The final pattern is made of 12 blocks, one block of the pattern representing a cute post card design is released the first day of each month. I completed the first three blocks for January, February and March respectively representing ¬†Venise, Paris and London…and I am now ready for April release!




Happy Knitting and Stitching!

A finished object and a new addiction

Hey there!¬†It’s been quite a long time since the last post…Today, I have 1 finished object and 1 new addiction!

First, here is my finished object: My custom short-sleeved sweater, which I love!!! I decided to create my own pattern to achieve the look I wanted and…it worked, I am so happy with the final result!

Custom Short Sleeves Sweater #5

Here is a recap of the characteristics of this sweater:

  • Pattern : Custom creation worked Top-Down
  • Yarn :
    • Baerenwolle¬†sock yarn. Color Andromeda (2 skeins)
    • ¬†Vanna’s Glamour¬†in the Onyx color (black with sparkles)¬†¬†for the collar, the bottom and the borders of the sleeves
  • Needles : Chiaogoo¬†Red Lace Circular 3mm (US 2.5)
  • Size : Adult M/L

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