Finished Object : Malabrigo Citrus Barley Hat for Child

Another Barley Hat off the needles! Honestly I love this pattern and will surely be using it again in the future. The first one I knitted was for Big Daddy (related article here) and the second one is for my 6 years old daughter. I like the fact that the pattern is written in different sizes from Baby to Adult Large so you can really take the most of it. The Malabrigo Worsted yarn was a delight to knit with! Yellow is a color I love as I find it energizing and this yarn in particular was a beautiful mix of yellow and orange, yummy like candy. Regarding the fit, I decided on the slouchy version again. The pattern is a free pattern you can find on Ravelry : The Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits from the Simple Collection.

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Work in Progress : Malabrigo Citrus Barley Hat for Child

What’s on my needles this week? Well…Yes…another Barley Hat! My daughter loves the one I knitted for my husband (related post here) so much that she wants the exact same hat in the delicious Malabrigo yarn I recently got for her (related post here).  Barley Hat pattern is by Tin Can Knits and belongs to the Simple Collection series (free patterns).

The yarn is a pure delight to knit with! So squishy and soft! Furthermore I love to have these bright colors on my needles, I feel like I am knitting candy 🙂

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Finished Object : Crocheted Hat

I love crochet!!! It is soooo self satisfying to finish a hat in a few days 🙂 It went pretty smoothly as I was doing this pattern for the 3rd time. No major difficulty here, it’s crocheted in the round top down in double crochet stitch. This requires very basic skills in crochet for a very neat and lovely result. It is now washed and packed, ready to give to my friend. As it is a gift, I didn’t try it on but here is a photo of what it looks like flat. If you want to see how it fits you can check my previous post about this project where I included a photo of one of the  similar hat I made before.

Crocheted hat #2

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Works in Progress : Crocheted Hat and Pink Shawl

Hi Everyone! I am currently working on two projects. One is completely new and the other is a long-forgotten WIP.

Let’s start with my new project which is a Crocheted Hat I am making for a friend of mine. I actually already made a similar hat for her last winter out of pure wool but it was accidentally destroyed in the dryer while trapped in another garment, ouch… She asked me if I could make her a new one as she used to get so many compliments with the first one. No way I could refuse 🙂

Crocheted hat #1

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Finished Object : Barley Hat

Autumn is definitely here, temperatures are getting cooler, leaves are turning yellow, orange, red…This is gorgeous, I love this time of the year! We can now start wearing hats again which is perfect for Big Daddy to show off the one I just finished : The Barley Hat by Tin Can Knits a pattern from the Simple Collection.

Barley Hat #2

This was a relaxing and beautiful knit. The pattern features a garter panel that gives some interesting texture to the hat whilst highlighting the beautiful color variegation of the yarn. I blocked it with my Eucalan no rinse wash as usual, this is now my Finished Objects’ ritual 🙂 I followed the instructions for a slouchier hat and … Big Daddy loves it! We took some photos while having a walk in a part of Montréal called Mont-Royal (the French district) where we like to go to have a look at the architecture of the buildings.

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