Mid-May 16 : Cross stitch WIP and Book Review


Today is May 16th and it snowed this morning…#@&%$$!!! How crazy is that? The transition from Winter to Spring is always a bit disturbing when the weather is playing ”yo-yo” with the temperatures, one day at 21 degrees and the next one at close to 0…

I have some cross stitch progress to share, a lovely book to show and a new essential in my cross stitch notions pouch.

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Hello Sunshine Award!

One can’t have too many awards, right? I have recently been nominated for a Sunshine Award by the lovely Hannah from Unsophisticated + jejune. Last month, I received the Liebster Award from Yarns, Books and Roses. Liebster Award is an award given to blogs featuring interesting articles with a small readership whereas the Sunshine Award is for positive, creative and/or inspiring blogs. I sincerely feel honoured and grateful for both of them.

Sunshine award #2

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Not a Grammy, not an Emmy….. A Liebster Award!!!

Yesterday, I had the lovely surprise of receiving a Liebster Award from the awesome Yarns, Books and Roses. Thank you so much for your kind nomination. I got a lot of inspiration from your beautiful projects (a few are now in my Ravelry queue, lol) and thanks to you I discovered a lot of gorgeous yarn I had never heard of before. Honestly, it feels good! I started this blog a few months ago as I was experiencing a weird loneliness in my crafting adventures and  I wanted to connect with people sharing the same passion, the same need to craft, the same addiction. Since then, through my blogging journey, I discovered fantastic blogs and I will nominate my favourite ones at the end of this post. Please make sure to check them out!

Liebster Award

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Back to my Hometown

No knitting for a WHOLE week! Feels strange, feels like… being on a diet, lol!
Last week, I was visiting France and went back to my Hometown where I had the most wonderful time seeing my family and friends. Some of them I hadn’t seen for a year! Going to the places I used to love was almost like a pilgrimage. Want to stroll along the beach with me?

Porspoder #1

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Book review : Ma poupée au Crochet by Isabelle Kessedjian

Hi Everyone! Today, I would like to present you one of my favorite craft books. It is called “Ma poupée au Crochet” by author Isabelle Kessedjian (I bought the French version, however the English version “My Crochet Doll” is available). Basically, in this book, you will find written instructions to create customized dolls, 45 accessories including 10 complete outfits and a suitcase (which will be used both as a bed for the dolls and as a wardrobe!).

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